Our Faculty

All our faculty members are qualified, certified, dedicated and equipped with required technical and communication skills, to conduct Online Music Classes.

Ramya Rathanakara

Ramya R has been teaching vocal music for 17 years.

She is a certified online senior carnatic music teacher of Raghunandan Jr.

Her solo performances of bhajans & dasa collections, has motivated children in competitions in USA.

Prashant Nagmote

Prashant Nagmote is Visahrad, teaching tabla for 15 years.

His Guru is Ustad Sheru Khan Sahab.

He has accompanied eminent Hindustani & Carnatic singers in solo & group performances of classical & semi-classical.

Gaurav Rangari

Gaurav Rangari has been teaching Guitar for 10 years.

He is a certified online guitar teacher.

Performed with celebrity shows Shrinidhi Ghatate, Abhijeet Kosambi, Swapnil Bandhodkar,... He has a mastery on pop blues jazz.

Prashanth M Agera

Prashant has been teaching Guitar for 15 years.

Trained 1000+ students, who have appeared grade exams in London College of Music in Guitar.

Completed 2 year Diploma in Acoustic Guitar at Adarsh Film Institute.

He has trained 100+ singers, who perform live on stage.

Immanuel Agera

Immanuel is a live guitarist for last 4 years.

He has trained more than 150 students in Acoustic Guitar.

6th grade Acoustic Guitar aspirant of London College of Music.

He has been a recording artist for last 3 years and has gained an experience as a sound & recording engineering.

Chirag A Jadhav

Visharad in Tabla & in-depth knowledge of Musical Instruments has helped Chirag to effectively teach 'Keyboard' to 100+ students, in no time.

After participating for consecutive 2 years he then started performing at Youth Fest for various universities in Gujarat.

He dedicates his time in recording & editing Music.

Hemalatha K N

After completing her diploma-Vocal in 2013, she continued to pursue Bachelors degree in Music in 2016 with a Gold Medal. Then completed Masters with first class distinction in 2018.

As a Senior Vocalist and Vionalist, she now give live performances of singing Carnatic Classical, Bhajans and Light Music.

She has trained 100+ students until now.

Geeta Saketaraman

She has learnt Veena from eminent teachers in Chennai, India. Rigorous and disciplined practice are keys to success in Music.

With a focus on Pancharathna Kritis, Dikshitar, Purandaradasa, Tyagaraja and Annamacharya, raghuvamshasudha, etc.

She has so far trained 120+ students. among those many are now signing live on stage, giving performances.

Sriranjini S L

She has learnt singing at the age of 5 years from her first guru (her father) late S S Lakshminarashimha. Then completed her Senior Examination from Vidhushi M L Bharathi and now she is practicing for Pre Vidhwath exams.

She has completed M.A with 1st rank and Five Gold Medals in Carnatic Classical Music & Veena Instrument from Gangubai Hanagal University, Mysore. She is now a guest music teacher with Vani Vagmi.


She has learnt dancing for last 20 years from Karnataka Kalashree Guru Smt. Revathi Narasimhan. She has passed Vidwath Anthima in 2012.

She has been a part of navarasollasa, Kannagiya kalanduge, Shree Ramnayanaja vaibhavam and many other. She is a key performer at NatyaNiketan.

She is currently pursuing her MA in Bharathanatyam.

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