CARNATIC Classical

Traditional South Indian Carnatic Music is introduced and taught module wise in a systematic manner. Students are trained for kutcheris, Government Certified Exams, etc.

Our Courses are customized as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

1. Beginner

  • Saralevarase, Jantivarase, Upper stayi varase, Daattu varase

  • Alankaras with akara

  • Geetham

  • Swarajathi

2. Intermediate

  • Adi talavarna

  • Atta talavarna

  • Pada varna

3. Advance

  • Krithis : 20 Krithis of great saints, vilamba kaala & madhyama kala kritis

  • Shyama Sasthry swarajathis

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