• Guitar is most popular string instrument even for a classical music because it is portable, flexible and melodious.

  • The design of Guitar has evolved gradually in its appearance. Whether traditional or electric, Guitar has always won heats of many on rock shows as well as for Indian ragas.

  • Though initially little hard to learn Guitar...with a dedicated practice, one may soon even perform in a show.

1. Beginners

  • Basics and handling guitar

  • Introduction to notes on the fred board

  • Fingering and playing a b c d e f g ,

  • Simple songs - rhymes/ happy birthday/bhajans

  • Exam for beginners

2. Intermediate

  • Introduction to Chords : grip the chords and fingering

  • Variations in strumming and songs on that chord

  • Singing with the guitar

  • Exam for intermediate

3. Advanced level

  • Tapping, swiping, pulling, bending and hybrid picking

  • Jazz songs/ blues / pop/

  • Exam for Advance

Play, practice & perform

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