Tabla is one of the most famous Indian percussion instruments, which can be played solo or as an accompaniment with other instruments and singers.

Why Tabla?

  • Tabla has a distinct lineage in different styles, in Indian music history.

  • Tabla alone as an instrument can deliver a variety of melody patterns, apart from many other instruments.

1. Beginners

  • Understand the theory and practice of Tabla

  • Play Tabla bols in various combination

  • Learn and practice various exercises

1.a. Learn to play Tabla Padan

  • Teen Taal, Kherwa, Dadara Taal, Ak Taal, Jhap Taal, Jhoomra, Ada Choutaal

  • Kaida in Teen Taal

  • Bhajan Taal

2. Intermediate

  • Play Thekas, Kaidas, Relas, Mukdas, Thukdas, Laggis (theory & practice).

  • Study any Taal with its material; of the same Taal.

3. Advance

  • Combination of both Classical and light patterns in Tabla.

  • How to play tabla professionally in Classical & light music?

  • How to accompany for (classical/semi-classical/light music)?

Play, practice & perform

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