We now also offer online classes Bharatanatyam classes, which are live, real-time, demonstration based and interactive.

Vani Vagmi Sangeetalaya is a complete learning platform for every level of students.

We are sure our students will take complete advantage of our most experienced Bharatanatyam faculty who will on-line teach following curriculum:

  1. Beginners
    a. Different kinds of adavus Hasta vinyogas
    b. Different bheda lakshanas Alaripu, Kouthuvam

  2. Intermediate
    a. Jatiswara
    b. Shabdam
    c. Deveranamas
    d. Keerthane
    e. Pushpanjali
    f. Thillana

  3. Advanced
    a. Pada varnam
    b. Padams
    c. Javali
    d. Ashtapadi

Learn, practice & perform

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