Semi- Classical

This is more of a lighter version of carnatic music. Students can explore a variety of light music like shlokas, bhajans and abhangs. The emphasis will be on proper diction and the meaning of recitals. These will be taught in accordance to the level and ability of each student.

Slokas: Shloka is a poetic form used in Sanskrit, the classical language of India.

Bhajans: Bhajan (Namavallis) are devotional song with Indian religious or spiritual theme in any of the languages from the Indian subcontinent. The term bhajan means reverence and originates from the root word bhaj, means to-revere or worship.

Abhangs: The word "abhang" means “a – non” and “bhang - interrupting", in other words, a flawless & continuous process. It is a form of devotional Marathi poetry sung in praise of the lord Vittahala, also known as Vithoba. 

Bhava Geete:  It is one of the most favorite forms of poetry and light music in India.

Bhava Geete is a genre pertaining to love, nature and philosophy, which is more about personal experiences. 

Bhava Geete is more popular in Karnataka and Maharashtra. These songs might be even called by different names in other languages.

Folk Songs: Traditional folk music has been defined in several ways: 

The term originated in the 19th century, but folk music extends beyond that. 

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